Saturday, October 11, 2008

Re-opening my Blog :3

I decided to re-open my blog! I deleted all of my old posts,talking about relationships, and all that venting-ness :3

gahh! I've been so bored! School is wearing me out! I have this big project right now for Modern World History. I have to make a story book of the french revolution! It's due on friday! I'm soo stressed out!

Everything between my boyfriend is great too ^.^
I'm doing a lot better too... But I'm sad T.T

I guess everyone is busy! I'm waiting for people to turn in lines for my new double group dub. so far I only have one other person that turned in lines. I'm so impatient!

It's horrible though!!
I have a C/C Dub done but I don't want to post it! I sound horrible... So i'm putting it off for now... which I really shouldn't... I'm really sorry Gals!

oh yea! Guess what? I lost 2kg in six weeks!!! I know... it's kinda slow right? but I've been eating sweets and fast food a lot.... But today is the last day!!! I'll work harder and get off that stuff!!
My goal is weight is 59kg! so if i work really hard by the middle of the school year I'll be at my goal!!

I found my camera!!! Here is me! You can see my mic, My jacket, and my giant blue tiger!

Well that's all for now! I'm going to work on my project! I'll post it all here when I'm done!

Momo: A girl who puts everything off~

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Meep said...

omg, you look pretty .__.
Why did I not know that you were sooo photogenic? XD