Friday, October 17, 2008

yay! happiness!

Yay! I'm in a really good mood today for some reason I really don't know why though because today some one called me a fat sloth... Do I look like a sloth? I sure do get that a lot... hhmmm......

Anyway! Today I turned in my project that I was so stressed about! My teacher looked at it and told me very good! the funny thing is that I had to finish my project in the class before my history class.... it was so annoying! Argh! I'm so glad it's over with!

Today I got to go to sleep with my boyfriend, well he was playing video games, because that's what all guys do, but I fell asleep on him! it wasn't just the snore snore snore sleep either, it was the I'ma wake up every 30 seconds and start talking then fall asleep mid sentence, he said it was the cutest thing ever.

Awesome huh?! It was one the first episode of sponge bob I miss tiny tim! it was stuck in me head all day

Today I'm working on Moonlight Duo's third single, we made our own close up pv and I'm mixing it now.

in a few weeksMiniproject is is prolly gonna record it's first single with iono 4-6 of it's members, I really hope we can, I wanna do Sexy boy ~soyokaze ni yorisotte~ for one song! I fell in love with that song!

I'm smiling I think

Hmm... I really hope i keep this good mood up, I guess I'll talk to you all tomorrow okay?

oh, and I Kokoro! thanks for readin me blog!
Momo: A happy person?

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